Dehydrated Cantaloupe Melon

Parisi’s Dehydrated Cantaloupe Melon, a versatile treat to enjoy as a snack, dessert enrichment or fruit salad, reveals a world of flavors.

 No dyes added
 Rich in fiber, sugars and minerals
 Available in various formats

Origin: Thailand


Parisi dehydrated melon

Dehydrated Cantaloupe Melon, a versatile treat to enjoy as a snack, dessert enrichment or fruit salad, reveals a world of flavors.

Compared to its fresh counterpart, dehydrated fruit, deprived of moisture, concentrates fiber, sugars and minerals, turning into a nutritious, satisfying and light bite. Dehydrated Cantaloupe Melon, a summer jewel with many gifts, known scientifically as Cucumis melo and keeper of the Cucurbitaceae family along with watermelon, offers a journey of wellness.

Made from fresh melons, peeled, cut and processed through the blowing of hot air, this treasure holds extraordinary virtues.

Its healthful virtues are a song to vitality:

  • Embrace adenosine, guardian of fluidity in veins and arteries;
  • Encourages heartbeat and circulatory well-being;
  • An ally in regulating bowel function;
  • A faithful companion in battles against extra pounds, it satiates and replaces meals with sweetness;
  • Purifies the body;
  • Saving for the eyes by defending them from macular degeneration;
  • Melatonin generator, guardian of sleep and ally of skin and bones;
  • A smile for the soul, an aid against the shadows of sadness.

In an ancient time, the melon unveils its mystery, offering an intoxicating essence and sweet flavor embroidered with beneficial virtues.
In its metamorphic dried state, melon retains its power, enveloping the body in an embrace of deliciousness and healthfulness.

Rich in a treasure trove of nutrients-mineral salts, vitamins A, C, D, PP, beta-carotene and others-this fruit stands as the guardian of health, promising well-being to those who receive it.

Its virtues unfold like petals of light: it protects the eyes, strengthens the immune system, and gives the heart and mind a veil of protection against stress.

In its dehydrated form, melon becomes a laxative companion, a keeper of appetite and an ally in maintaining harmony and lightness in spirit.

The origins of this magical plant are lost among the warm lands of Africa and Asia, then spread like a spell to the Mediterranean basin and across the ocean.

In nature’s eternal dance, the melon releases its essence in various shapes and colors, offering a gift of health and pleasure to those who know how to receive it.

Nourished by the sun and the care of the ancients, the melon is transformed into a treasure trove of nutritional values, a balm for body and mind.

Whether enjoyed as a snack, condiment or magical ingredient in recipes, dehydrated Cantaloupe Melon proves to be a valuable ally in the pursuit of a healthy and fulfilling life.


Store in cool, dry places, away from sources of heat and moisture.

Additional information

Nutritional Values

100 g of product contains:

Energy1498 kJ/358 kcal
Saturated Fats
Carbohydrates 88.00g
Sugars 71.00g
Fiber 1.0g
Protein 0.00g
Salt 1.62g


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