The “craving for” line collects all the delicacies that nature has to offer.
It is suitable for both kitchen use with its large sizes (up to 1 kg) and snack use with its smaller sizes (from 80 g)

LE NOSTRE LINEE Parisi produzione di frutta secca


The tray line is the result of R&D aimed at having a product that is always fresh, with a heat-sealed closure, comfortable to hold because of its shape, and easy to display because it is stackable.
Inside you can find products ranging from dried fruits to dehydrated, coated and granulated fruits. Its shape (oval) is produced exclusively for us.

LE NOSTRE LINEE Parisi produzione di frutta secca in vaschette per la GDO e HORECA


In “open-and-close” buckets, convenient and practical for practitioners.
All products are available in sizes from 800g to 3000g including semi-finished products, spices, snacks and more.

LE NOSTRE LINEE Parisi produzione di prodotti di frutta secca e frutta disidratata per HO.RE.CA


This line represents the supply chain work that Parisi implements by enhancing the value of products of origin
From 100g to 200g are packed D’Avola Almonds, IGP Hazelnuts and Sorrento variety Walnuts.

LE NOSTRE LINEE Parisi produzione di frutta secca scelta di origine italiana

THE SPICE & MIX Specialties.

The mixes that Parisi offers are countless and fit any specific time of day or desire. In convenient and quick 30gr formats.
Spices enhance the flavor of dried fruits and are great with a drink. Packages are small in paper and in trays for larger sizes

LE NOSTRE LINEE Parisi produzione di frutta secca speziata per la GDO


Hazelnut cream, pistachio cream and almond cream are our sweet and delicious 180-gram creams.
Walnut, almond and pistachio pestos are great for seasoning savory dishes in sizes from 180gr to
1000 gr.
Dried fruit pastes are used in the specialized field of ice cream production. In
sizes from 1000g and up.

LE NOSTRE LINEE Parisi produzione di paste pesti e creme

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