A Century of Dried Fruit

Parisi S.p.A. was founded almost a century ago as a family business: in 1949 Giuseppe and Umberto
Parisi, first, had the insight to specialize in the process of sorting and drying at the
Sorrento Walnut Sun.
In the 1980s, the business underwent a rapid evolution, transforming itself from a run enterprise
family, in an ‘innovative and technological industry. In these years, investment in machinery,
know-how and human resources, but also the push for internationalization, have led the company
At primary levels of excellence.

Chi Siamo Parisi SPA storia 1949 famiglia
Chi Siamo Parisi SPA storia 1949
Chi Siamo Parisi SPA storia 1980
Una foto in stile Polaroid mostra tre confezioni di mandorle a marchio Parisi. Due sono grandi sacchetti blu etichettati "Voglia Di", pieni di mandorle intere. Il terzo è un contenitore di plastica trasparente etichettato "Mandorle Pelate", contenente mandorle pelate. Nell'angolo in basso a destra, sotto la scritta verde "2024", puoi anche individuare "chi siamo".

In the first decade of the 2000s, another decisive turning point: Francesco Casillo’s Soleo joined the roster of selected suppliers, quickly becoming the main supplier of raw materials and, in 2015, a partner of the Parisi family.

With the consolidation of support, Francesco Casillo, in 2019, became the effective owner of Parisi Sp.A.

Today Parisi is a nationwide reference in the industrial sector related to the processing and packaging of dried and dehydrated fruits.

It is present in major GDO and DO circuits both under the Private Label and through Private Label.
All this thanks to the wide and diverse range of products and packaging that is always in step with the
timing, on-time delivery, and above all, effective product quality.

Chi siamo

our core values


Since 1949

A company of values

Founded as a family business, Parisi, still retains the same values that enable it to compete positively with multinational realities.


For 80 years, we have been continuously serving large retailers.
Strengthened by a solid past we look forward to a bright future by taking care of environmental sustainability. Our purchases are aimed at supporting local economies and sending countries to development.

Achieving great results takes enthusiasm and passion; which for us means selecting suppliers around the world who guarantee the quality of the product and the ethical and territorial value that product represents.

To the great goals of quality excellence that we have set for ourselves, we arrive through our daily commitment to improve ourselves every day, looking to new horizons of product, packaging and service.

Choosing parisi means

Our Certifications

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