Fried and salted corn

Stir-fried and salted maize : Maize belongs to the same family of grasses as wheat, barley, rice, rye, oats and millet.Its name is derived from the botanical definition Zea mays L., while in popular parlance it is known as maize to emphasize its exotic origin.
The roasted and salted version is one of the tastiest ways to savor the grains of this cereal, and the bold flavor makes it perfect for aperitifs or to add an extra touch to seasonal salads.

In addition, Parisi also offers a spicy variant for lovers of pungent and bold flavors.

In addition to being known as a source of fat, protein, and carbohydrates, corn also contains numerous vitamins A, C, and E as well as providing many minerals such as potassium and iron.


Fried and salted corn Parisi

A culinary spell reveals Parisi’s Fried and Salted Corn, an essence of crunchiness wrapped in salt stars. Enchanting grains to be enjoyed at any banquet, where they stand as guardians of gluttony, or as companions to aperitifs. Their secret? A dance of roasting and salting that keeps them crisp, ready to delight every palate.

In the realm of Parisi Fried and Salted Corn , the art of production is governed by strict dictates of excellence. With IFS FOOD Version 6.1 – HIGHER LEVEL certification as our seal, for more than 100 years we have been spreading our delicacies enriched with the highest quality raw materials in Italy, offered at a surprisingly modest price.

These crispy golden grains are an indispensable companion in any appetizer, carefully packaged to ensure freshness and taste in every bite.

For those who like to watch over their figure, a single serving of Parisi’s salted roasted corn is a portable ally to tackle mid-day breaks or moments of fatigue. A touch of vitality in every moment, a reserve of energy and flavor ready to awaken the senses.

In the realm of corn, culinary creativity is tinged with wonder. These crunchy grains lend themselves to a plethora of combinations, perfect for salads or as valuable garnishes for savory dishes.


Store our peanuts in cool, dry places, away from sources of heat and moisture.

Additional information

Nutritional Values

100 g. of Product contain:

Energy value 1897 kJ / 451 kcal.
Fat 15.2 g.
Of which saturated 3.7 g.
Carbohydrates 73.0 g.
Of which sugars 0.5 g.
Protein 5.5 g.
Salt 1.7 g.


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