Banana Chips

Dehydrated bananas(Banana Chips ) can be a tasty light snack to reduce excess during meals.

 100% Crispy
 Long shelf life
 Available in various formats

Origin: Philippines


Banana Chips

Compared with fresh fruit, dehydrated fruit loses water and concentrates fiber, sugars, and minerals, making it a nutritious, satiating, and not overly caloric snack. Dried bananas have more calories than fresh ones because during the dehydration process the complex sugars compact, providing a higher energy load.

Considered “the quintessential fruit,” the banana is actually a berry that grows on a giant grass, not a tree, with its origin in Southeast Asia, in the jungles of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, where numerous wild varieties are found.

Rich in nutritional properties, the banana is a panacea in many ways, offering a natural remedy for minor daily ailments and skin problems. With a high water content of nearly 75 percent of the fruit, bananas also contain carbohydrates (23 percent), fiber (2.6 percent), protein (1 percent) and fat (0.3 percent), as well as being a good source of vitamins.

Bananas contain pro-vitamin A, B vitamins (B1, B2 and PP) and vitamin C, along with vitamin E and vitamin B6 in smaller amounts. The potassium present is essential for proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, normalizing the heartbeat, supplying oxygen to the brain, and regulating water balance in the body.

Banana is an amazing source of energy and is said to consume two of them to give you the energy for 90 minutes of intense workout, preferable to other supplements because of its digestibility.

Some of the main benefits include:

High fiber concentration;

Higher protein concentration than fresh bananas;

Higher potassium concentration;

Longer storage times;

Suitable for athletes because of their high energy intake.

In the kitchen

Dehydrated bananas(Banana Chips ) can be a tasty light snack to reduce excess during meals. Add them to yogurt or on pancakes for breakfast.


Store in cool, dry places, away from sources of heat and moisture.


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