Fig patties with walnut sauce

Fig patties with walnut sauce Ingredients 250 g of pork1 egg5 Parisi dried figs40 g pecorino cheese40 g of parmesan cheeseParsley00 flour q.b.Breadcrumbs to taste.oil300 g of low-fat yogurt12 Parisi dried walnutslemon juice Preparation Mix 250 g pork mince, 1 egg, 40 g pecorino cheese, 40 g Parmesan cheese, parsley and salt, and bread crumbs […]

Thousand-color salad

Thousand-color salad Ingredients baby leaf of your choice (recommended: lettuce, valerian, chard)30 g of tofu3 Parisi prunespumpkin seedslinseed50 g cubed prosciutto hamsalt and oil Preparation Mix together lettuce, valerian and chard, already washed. Add 30 g of already coarsely chopped tofu, a handful of pumpkin seeds, a handful of flax seeds, and 3 chopped prunes. […]

Fancy rice

Fancy rice Ingredients 500 g basmati riceVegetable broth100 g Parisi cashews100 g boiled red beansmushrooms to taste1 bell bell peppercinnamonoil and salt Preparation Toast 500 g basmati rice and cook with vegetable broth. Allow to cool on a large, flat surface so it does not clump. Meanwhile, sauté in a pan with a little oil […]

Creamy carrot and pine nut soup

Creamy carrot and pine nut soup Ingredients 2 carrots1 potatoA few spinach leaves30 g Parisi pine nuts50 g asiago cheeseMilk Preparation Clean 1 potato, cut it into chunks and boil it for about 15 minutes in a little water.Also add 2 carrots already peeled and cut into small pieces to the pot.Cook for 10 more […]

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